The Women of Star Wars: May The Force be With Them

Star Wars has been a cultural icon that has carried over from the last century. When it first came out, it blew minds with its immersive visuals and its story line full of hope, bravery and sacrifice, and the new movies have just concretized its fan following.

Now that we’ve introduced the franchise, we’re delving into the awesome women of Star Wars. We know these characters did not get their fair share of screen time through the franchise, but nevertheless, they deserve a tribute!

Princess Leia

Princess Leia is by far the most iconic female character and the first that comes to mind. Carrie Fisher played her and was the sole female character in the first trilogy of Star Wars, and she carved her own space out. Her strength and tenacity is admirable. She loses her adoptive family, and oh wait, her ENTIRE PLANET in a test run for the Death Star, but she still did what she had to do.

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She was tortured by the most feared villain in the galaxy, and she managed to rescue herself when Luke and Han could not. Her entire life was devoted to the rebellion, and then the New Republic. Her son went over to the dark side, and while that may demoralize some, Leia just kept marching on. She never craved power; we know this because even though the force was strong with this one, she refused Jedi training and continued her mission for a better tomorrow.


Two movies down in the new trilogy and we still don’t know as much as we would want to about Rey. Her past is a mystery but it’s obvious that she’s a survivor. She’s taken care of herself since she was a young girl and she’s fought herself out of many sticky situations. Oh, we forgot to mention, the force is super strong with her. It’s strong enough that she gives Kylo Ren a run for his money in The Force Awakens. She might have the strongest connection to the force we’ve seen yet. We’re really stoked to see what she brings to the table in the upcoming movies, and hopefully we’ll find out about her origins.

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Queen Amidala

The Star Wars prequels have gotten their fair share of criticism, and Padme aka Queen Amidala has also been on the receiving end of it. However, bad script-writing and direction aside, the character itself was supposed to be somewhat of a precursor to Leia’s fiery personality. She was an extremely patient lover to Anakin (even though he probably didn’t deserve it), a just ruler, a protector of liberty, and a shrewd diplomat. She left her mark on the Star Wars saga and her legacy lives on through her Jedi family.

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Jyn Erso

Jyn appears in Rogue One and is a part of the Star Wars universe, even if she doesn’t appear in any of the trilogies. The Hollywood Reporter called her “a female warrior driven by destiny to take on the mightiest power in the galaxy”. Her father, Galen Erso, is an Empire scientist who helps (against his will) with the making of the Death Star and her mother was killed right in front of her by the Empire. She has grown up without her parents, under the eye of the extremist militant Saw Gererra, and she’s just cynical enough to take everything with a pinch of salt. She knows how to hold her own in a fight and while her loyalties initially were to her family, her character grows bigger than that to finally help the rebel alliance. 

Beru Lars

Beru Lars is best known as Luke Skywalker’s aunt who raised him along with her husband on Tatooine. Her husband Owen acted as a disciplinarian for Luke’s reckless, adventurous spirit, while Beru was his comforter who understood his need for freedom and exploration. Luke’s kindness and belief in other people came from her as well as Padme. Despite her untimely death, she had a lasting impact on the franchise, and appears as her younger self in the prequel trilogies.

Maz Kanata

Maz Kanata is a force sensitive being who’s lived for a really really long time. She recognizes Rey’s potential and gives her Luke’s old lightsaber which eventually helps Rey fulfill her destiny. She lives in an old castle on Planet Takodana and is known as the “pirate queen” because she allows smugglers and other travellers to take shelter at her home. She has only one rule; no politics or talks of war in their time on her property, and she was very strict about this.  She steals the show with her scenes in The Force Awakens and we wonder if she has some more screen time in the movies to come!

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Admiral Amilyn Holdo

Many must remember the purple haired admiral from The Last Jedi. She didn’t seem very likable initially, and butted heads with Poe Dameron on how to go about running the resistance in the absence of Leia, but by the end of the movie, we grow to like her spirit. She realized that the transport ships were detected by the First Order and after the initial ships were destroyed by them, she vowed to prevent as many deaths as possible, even if she had to put her own life down for the cause. She sacrificed herself so her comrades could get away. She was a hard-ass leader, but her heart was in the right place from the very beginning. 

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We’ve listed down the best of the best here, but there are obviously more female characters like Mon Mothma and Captain Phasma who have left a lasting impact in the Star Wars universe. That being said, we hope the living characters on this list get some more time on screen to affect the First Order and finally get a win!

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