Past Event: Fridays For Future Vadodara: 5th July 2019

We, at Twisted Tiara, organised a climate awareness campaign to create consciousness about climate change and its impact on local communities. As part of our campaign, we conducted climate education seminars with climate educator Viveka Jani at various schools in Vadodara reaching approximately 1400 students.

The Fridays for Future Vadodara event took place on the 5th of July, 2019. Over 450 participants attended the event, including students, teachers, citizens and volunteers. The event was organised in partnership with Pagdand, who gave out free saplings to the attending schools. At the event, Ms. Aastha Godha from FFF Mumbai, who had been conducting ‘strike for climate’ as a collective for 18 weeks at that point, also spoke with the students about converting information into action. The event ended with a rap on climate change performed by one of the attending teachers.

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