Past Event Invite: Global Climate Strike Vadodara: 27th September 2019

A huge wave of climate strikes is coming this September, with thousands of communities around the world taking to the streets starting on September 20th with a youth-led strike, and escalating towards the first ever General Strike for Climate on September 27th. Together, various groups and wider community organizations will organize additional actions in between making up the “Week for Future and Climate Justice”. This will be a weeklong movement surrounding the UN Climate Summit to wake world leaders up to the truth of the climate crisis.

In the last, Fridays for Future Vadodara Event, hundreds of students and climate youth activists came out to march for climate change awareness and action! This time, we invite, youngsters and adults alike to join our climate strike for urging our national government to declare climate emergency and request our local government to take positive climate action, in Vadodara.

We are all studying, and labouring tirelessly in the hopes for a better future, but have we stopped and wondered what kind of a future are we headed towards if we continue on the current course of destruction and mindless capitalism? To have a good future, we must first ensure that there is a future. In this past year, 2018-19, India has experienced several extreme weather conditions owing to climate change, including increased cyclonic activities, flooding, flash flooding, erratic rainfalls, droughts etc. Farmers have been feeling the effects of climate change, due to change in weather patterns, soil acidification, change in flowering season, change in temperatures have affected crops, among others. How far can we continue unchecked?

Our main aim in running the climate change awareness campaign in Vadodara is to:

  • create awareness about climate change, its implications and action in Vadodara, amongst all the stakeholders: schools, students, parents, corporates, and specifically within the youth;
  • encourage the participation of youth, students and citizens from Vadodara in global issues that directly impact us; and
  • inculcate a strong sense of citizenship in students and youth, encourage their participation in democracy, teach them civil rights and duties including the right to hold your government bodies accountable.

Watch this space for more information on the event and how to be a part of it!

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