Twisted Tiara was born out of the belief that certain conversations need to be had on a larger scale. We hope to meet more kindred spirits on our journey, as we delve deeper into the complex world of human rights and social issues in India. 

The team has a lot of international exposure over the years, and have questioned the gender roles and the caste practice in India, since an early age. Having gained some experience in their respective professional fields (marketing and law), the dream team at Twisted Tiara decided that it was time to pursue their passion. Help is always available, to those who ask for it. With immense faith in our cause and ourselves, we have decided to venture out as digital social activists. 


Co-Founder / Marketing Officer / Content Writer / Intern / Social Activist


Co-Founder / Business Strategy / Content Writer / Intern / Social Activist


We are always looking to connect with passionate, driven individuals who are not afraid to speak their minds. If you have a passion for digital social activism and want to contribute as a writer, graphic designer, artist, etc. reach out to us at