Twisted Tiara is a social enterprise focused on starting conversations, offering perspectives and gaining a deeper understanding of human rights issues which are “common, but silenced” in India. We aim to increase awareness and sensitize our audience towards the several human rights related issues by helping them discern fact from myth, including intersectionality in discussions, and supplementing conversations with personal experiences of our readers.


We strongly believe that in order to uproot the social evils in modern India, we need to overcome social stigma in talking about important issues which are embedded in our lives and are “common, but silenced”. We recognize that each issue may have different and yet equally valid perspectives, which is a crucial step in building a more diverse and representative (of the population) society. We aim to showcase these perspectives by way of content, and engage our audience in genuine discourse to promote community led solutions.


Today people get too tied down to their own limited understanding of issues. We become arrogant, dismissive or defensive when our ‘perspective’ is challenged. In the process, we forget that although we may have different viewpoints, owing to our gender, race, geography, caste, ability, etc, we are all ultimately looking at the same problem. In our effort to highlight that different yet equally valid perspectives exist, we have designed our logo as an ambigram.

We can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water. Twisted Tiara is geared to wade through the troubled waters to bring about necessary social changes to improve diversity and acceptance in all walks of our lives. We aim to combine our passion for social change, commitment to support our collaborative partners, and our inclusivity approach to create measurable social impact in India.